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Sell Your Products To Amazon Through a Strategic Distributor

Is your Amazon distribution channel costing you more resources and generating less ROI each year?

Have you longed to work 1P with Amazon Vendor Central but are unable to qualify or get the exclusive invite?

Supercharge Your Amazon Distribution


Ways to Sell on Amazon

Amazon Seller Central
Third Person or “3P”

(Most Common)

A third-party relationship where you sell your products directly to consumers on the Amazon marketplace.

The seller manages advertising, marketing and other logistics of the products, including shipping.

However, you are still able to use Amazon’s fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping program to send your products to customers if you wish.

3P flow graphic

Amazon Vendor Central
First Person or “1P”

(By Invite Only)

A first-party relationship with Amazon means that you sell your products directly to Amazon.

Amazon then sells those products to customers. Your role as the vendor is to fulfill purchase orders (PO) sent by Amazon and ship the product to Amazon.

Then, Amazon takes control of the product by pricing it on the marketplace, selling it to customers and shipping it themselves.

1P flow graphic

Drawbacks of 3P

road block graphic

It requires a great deal of time and overhead to manage all the marketing aspects on your own

You’ll have to be well-versed in optimizing your listing for the platform as well as running advertising campaigns

Inventory risks

You’ll have to pay marketplace fees for things like variable FBA fees, referral fees and more

Subject to account suspensions

You are responsible for customer service inquiries

Benefits of 1P

open roads graphic

Listing visibility improvement and boost in sales (Amazon gives exclusive benefits, such as placement priority and advanced analytics tools, to 1P sellers.)

Cashflow improvement with Net 30 terms

Gain access to more advertising tools

Your products receive POs from Amazon on a regular basis. No inventory forecasting is required by you

Logistics complexity is minimized

You gain the credibility and customer confidence of the “Ships From and Sold by Amazon” Prime badge on your product, which builds customer trust and helps you stand out from other sellers

You are offered a consolidated fee structure instead of having to pay multiple fees for features like Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Amazon referrals

convert graphic

Convert from 3P to 1P

Make the ‘ALL REWARD. NO RISK.’ Transition

What Stays the Same:

  • Your product listing does not change
  • Review numbers do not change

What Changes:

  • Now Amazon offers the product
  • Increased product exposure
  • Increases shoppers’ trust in listing
  • Shipped and sold by Amazon
  • Bulk orders are easier to manage

How To Begin Selling 1P

Grandfather Into Vendor Central

Grow Amazon Business to 8-Figures and Be Invited

Work with an Amazon Strategic Distributor

Work with an Amazon Strategic Distributor

How It Works

four steps

How It Works

1.  Supplier Provides Product Information
(Wholesale Price, Carton Count, UPC Code)

2.  Strategic Distributor Issues PO to Supplier

3.  Strategic Distributor Supplies to Amazon Products in Vendor Central

4.  Based on Sales Performance, Strategic Distributor Cuts More POs

Strategic Distributor is a Unique Opportunity

No Exclusivity Required

No Contracts

Typically 1P with Amazon is Net 90, we are offering Net 30

No invite necessary to access 1P through Strategic Distributor

Stop Supplying If Ever 1P Distribution Is No Longer Beneficial

device graphics with amazon as seller 123
device graphics with amazon as seller 123

1P Distribution is in your sight!

Contact us today to get started!

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